enable me. EP

by SHEEP (enabler)

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released April 25, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Benjamin Cohen in Tullytown, PA
Mastered by Bill Henderson



all rights reserved


SHEEP (enabler) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Best Friends (Mutual Agreement)
Condescend with everything I say
Just pretend everything's ok
Associate with your own kind
Dissipate every aspect of my life

This thing is turning sour
But it's all I have
No room to know or even care
The citadel is beginning to crack

Got no right to say that it's harder for me
But it's the only way that I really see
Can only wait for the boot to drop
But it would be nice if you could just stop

Maybe we could just talk about how I feel
About how its not the same
I don't care whose fault it was or is
just get through these growing pains
These things frustrate, rupture my brain
Make me think the wrong
We are the ones that break fate
No matter what, don't give them what they want
Track Name: Disable Me
Engagement is waning
Can you even tell
Do you want to keep me
All to your fucking self
I'm always pulled backward
By your unhelping hand
Not trying all too much
To make known where I stand

Just don't even try manipulating
Just don't cause my eyes, they see everything

You have other things occupying you
I've ruined all of them
They told me what to do

Just don't try manipulating
Stop leading me astray
We're not on the same team
You can't do it this way
Track Name: Dope Me
Can't ignore discomfort, comes at every breath
Always wanted to make myself a mess
Spun the scalding plates on corners for the long
Keep my pupils fit have I already fallen off

Get my chemicals in my brain
Get my substances any way

Always staring backward into the abyss
It said you'll never be as beautiful as this

Get my stimulation
Track Name: Something Hope
Waiting for the tell
Saving for what else
Escapes me one last time
Collapses in no time

What have I done?
What I am doing with all of it?
I've succumbed
To any and all of it
The spot where we're the worser half
My intention's never the way that I react

Wasting, wasted again
Shame me into a life well spent
Fake me, I just can't pretend
Make me into adequate human
It's happening, won't terminate
Don't tell me that it's too late
It's right here, only yours to take
Carry the burden of your mistakes